About the gallery

About us

Our mission is to support and promote Polish art by current artists at home and abroad. We organise exhibitions, open-air events, symposia and art auctions, thus integrating the artistic and business worlds. Through the intermingling of environments we create new forms of cooperation and inspiration. We present our offer both in real and virtual space. Active participation in foreign exhibitions and art fairs allows us to expand our international business contacts and promote Polish contemporary art on the global market.

At each of our events, we continue the traditions of the artistic bohemian nineteenth century, treating encounters with art as an opportunity to celebrate the taste of life, by enriching art evenings with great food and drinks appropriate to the occasion. This allows all present to immerse themselves in a pleasant atmosphere of colourful and creativity-expanding conversations about art.

Our activity involves going beyond the framework of traditional exhibitions, beyond the places invariably associated with the presentation of art. One of our original forms of promoting current Polish art are exclusive auction evenings aimed at VIP clients. Their uniqueness is demonstrated by the presence of the artists whose works are presented at these evenings. This allows contact with the work and its creator at the same time. The auction is also an excellent way to purchase a work of art in the atmosphere of an exciting game. After the auction evenings, art becomes an immanent part of our guests' surroundings, bringing much emotion and reflection of an aesthetic nature. We organise mobile art auctions during corporate events, symposiums or business congresses in the best hotels and historical-hotel facilities in Poland and abroad.

Sopra Art Foundation

The seat of the Foundation is Wrocław. The Foundation aims to carry out activities for and in the field of culture and art. It functions as :

- cultural venue, promoting the culture and art of Polish artists.

- meeting place for local artists and integration of the artistic community

- a place for dialogue between people of the arts (painting, literature, music) and the realisation of joint artistic projects, including vernissages and exhibitions, author's evenings and music concerts

- a place that supports artists in terms of marketing, by organising auctions, running galleries, collaborating with other art galleries, museums, auction houses, helping to create a coherent artistic image and planning a career and creating a portfolio.

- a venue to support artists in business negotiations including - a venue for lectures on e.g. art promotion, contracting with contractors

- venue for events and workshops with personalities from the world of art

- a place to integrate the arts and business communities, including assistance in finding sponsors and patrons.

 - a place whose task is aesthetic education through the dissemination of art and its trends

- a venue that promotes the arts by interviewing artists.

We invite you to take a look at our statutes.