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Dariusz Kaleta

We present a special guest - Dariusz Kaleta, manager of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Kołobrzeg and a talented painter. His easel painting, full of realism, reflects the history of Poland and Sarmatia. We invite you to discover the mastery of the brush and the fascinating work of Dariusz Kaleta!

Diana Żarów

Introducing an exceptional artist, Diana Żarów. Her painting combines surrealism and magical realism, discovering the beauty of the universe and man. As a wife and mother, she manages to harmoniously reconcile the role of an artist with her family life thanks to the support of her partner. Her work draws viewers into the fascinating world of creativity.

Bianka Kunicka Chudzikowska

Bianka Kunicka Chudzikowska - culture expert, artist, iconographer, poet and writer. He sees a woman as a force, despite historical inequalities. She believes in change through the solidarity and cooperation of women.